Rekeep Digital

Rekeep Digital S.r.l.

(100% owned)

Rekeep Digital was founded as a new Rekeep Group company whose objective is to offer the market the instruments and technological competencies it has acquired in a highly competitive sector, that of Facility Management.

Indeed, during the past few years this sector has experienced a technological revolution that is very similar to that seen in other services sectors, such as logistics.
Rekeep S.p.a.has always been in the vanguard of the technological innovation of this sector through an internal IT department that manages all the components of the Information Technology world on a 360-degree basis.

Over the years, the IT department has been actively managing all the Group’s main services: Maintenance, Energy, Logistics, Hygiene and Building Management, liaising constructively with administrative and control functions. The complexity and diversity of the projects managed by the IT department has led to its acquiring outstanding expertise and competencies from the point of view not only of technology, but also that of process management. An aptitude to Problem-Solving and a Business Process Management (BPM) oriented approach have thus entered the department’s DNA. The experience and skill gained by Rekeep S.p.A. naturally flowed into the incorporation of a Newco dedicated to business development.