Facility Management Urbano

Facility Management Urbano

A “smarter” future for our cities

A new model for the management of the city to make it pleasanter to enjoy and exploit its potential to the full

Rekeep’s Urban Facility Management offer springs from long-term comprehensive research activities that have put the Group in a position to work out a methodology and tools whose objective is to enhance both the efficiency and the quality of services and processes. A defining feature of this strategy is close coordination between the company and Public Authorities in order to ensure that all courses of action are planned with the inhabitants’ real needs in mind and that they are appropriate to these needs, according to the characteristics in terms of territory and town planning of the city and surroundings within whose area Rekeep is to operate.

Rekeep’s proposal is a model for the management of public spaces that is applicable both to individual areas and to the city as a whole, based on the integrated management of services, which means that one and the same entity maintains the urban infrastructure and, in general, all the services needed for public spaces to be efficient. The service is based on the use of a “technologically sophisticated platform” that coordinates different activities and gathers and processes the big data generated by the systems of the different organizations that operate in public spaces, producing the information the Public Authorities need to make their decisions. In terms of contracts, it is based on serviceconcession, an instrumentthat transfers management risk to a private partner, which is therefore stimulated to invest in the efficiency improvement measures that are necessary for it to ensure that the activities entrusted to it are properly performed and also that it obtains a financial return.

How is a Smart City built?

The digitalization of services, environmental sustainability and the safety of the inhabitants: Rekeep responds to the Local Authority’s needs offering the integrated management of the city’s services.

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Facility Management Urbano
Play building your city of the future!

Put yourself to the test with the digital gamebook on the Corriere della Sera website, created by Rekeep in collaboration with RCS Studio.

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Urban Facility Management

Urban Facility Management can play a fundamentally important role in rendering cities more sustainable and liveable and contributing notably to the reduction of social costs

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