Values and Mission

Values and Mission

The value pillars that inspire Rekeep

Commitment and transparency

Accountability and solidarity

Fairness and legality

Rekeep wishes to be the Italian leader and an international player in the facility management market and commits itself to:

  • offering quality services to public and private customers that enhance well-being and safety in all environments and generate a positive impact on the customer’s performance;
  • making full use of human capital as a keystone in its competitive advantage, developing competencies, offering opportunities for growth and training and fostering personal and professional realization;
  • contributing to the innovation of services and processes by putting forward new solutions to improve performance and by building relationships of value with customers, partners, suppliers and the community;
  • seeing that its affairs are managed rigorously and efficiently in order not only to maintain but to strengthen its solid financial position;
  • helping to improve the environment and people’s lives, furthering sustainable economic, financial, social and environmental development.