Laundering & Sterilization

Laundering & Sterilization

Numbers speak

Rekeep’s special services for healthcare facilities consist of linen rental and industrial laundering and sterilizing garments and surgical equipment.

By rental and industrial laundering (washing and renting of healthcare materials), stocks and flows in hospitals and clinics are managed efficiently. This service is delivered for the Group by Servizi Ospedalieri S.p.A..

Four dedicated and technologically advanced factories (at Ferrara, Lucca, Teramo and Marcellinara) handle and deliver materials throughout the country in full compliance with delivery times and methods.

The results speak for themselves: Rekeep clothes 290,000 healthcare workers every year and provides linen for more than 45,000 beds in over 100 hospital facilities

A complete service from collection to delivery that takes the load off the customer’s shoulders and leaves it free to concentrate on other tasks in tranquility.

To complete the offer, Rekeep can also sterilize surgical instruments and technical fabrics, involving 700,000 operating theatres and 100,000 surgical operations every year.