2017 Sustainability Report

Our 2017 Sustainability Report describes Rekeep’s social and environmental performance.

The document is published under the name of Rekeep even if it was drawn up at the end of last year and all the references are to Manutencoop Facility Management

Corporate social responsibility report 2017 (italian version)

Sustainability at Manutencoop

Corporate Social Responsibility has always been a foundational element of Rekeep’s business culture: it is the result and consequence of the experience and history of Manutencoop Società Cooperativa, the company from which Rekeep was “born” in 2003 after a spin-off, and which today controls 72% of Rekeep’s share capital.

Manutencoop Società Cooperativa was the first cooperative and one of the first companies in Italy to prepare a Corporate Social Responsibility Report, in 1992.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report has grown over the years together with the company and the Group, and bears witness to its evolution and development.