Servizi Ospedalieri S.p.a.

Servizi Ospedalieri S.p.A.

(100% owned)

Servizi Ospedalieri S.p.A. was bought by Manutencoop Società Cooperativa in 2000 with a view to expanding the range of Facility Management services offered to public and private “health care customers”. It has been a Rekeep S.p.A. subsidiary since 2007.

It works in the Laundering & Sterilisation sector: it offers laundering and rental of hospital linens, designs and manages sterilisation facilities for surgical instruments and provides sterile operating room kits in re-usable technical fabric.

With 4 production facilities and 19 sterilisation facilities, it is able to process and distribute approximately 40 million kg of linens per year, it manages over 45,000 beds and packages over 100,000 surgical instrument kits annually.