Plant maintenance

Plant maintenance

Many reasons for choosing Rekeep

Plant maintenance is vital to ensure efficiency, optimize saving and be sure of sustainability.

Carried out by highly trained Rekeep personnel, plant operation is one of the most complex services delivered by the Group because it involves and combines technical, operational and administrative competencies.

A package of services that is comprehensive both because different types of plant are looked after (thermal, electricity, climate control for example) and because many additional activities are performed, including adjustments to changes in law, maintenance, energy audits and everything else needed to offer our customers impeccable plants that are up with the times.

A video offering to the work of our technicians and maintenance workers engaged from day to day in the careful upkeep of the plants and properties that we manage. We put highly trained specialist competencies in the field with an all-round vision. Our work translates into efficiency, saving and sustainability.

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