The commitment to sustainable development has taken shape over time and involves all Rekeep’s corporate Departments. The main principles underlying what the Group does are its values and mission; the final goal is to augment the production of shared value in a dynamic, ongoing relationship with its stakeholders.

There has been a far-reaching evolution in Rekeep in the past few years: in its relations with its stakeholders on one hand and in awareness and approach within the Group on the other.

The former has taken the form of stakeholder engagement campaigns while, as far as the latter is concerned, substantial progress has been made in the clarification of policies related to material issues, results achieved and future goals.

Sustainable Development GoalsRekeep sets itself to attaining the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Global Agenda 2030. Since these objectives were approved in 2015, they have increasingly become a guide for the development of a strategic approach to sustainability in enterprises.

Among the 17 SDGs, there are 6 to which Rekeep’s commitment is stronger and verifiable, also because the specific sub-goals may be referred to.

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