About us

About us

Rekeep is the leading Italian group in the Integrated Facility Management sector and a new participant on the international scene.

Rekeep is the new name and identity of Manutencoop Facility Management, born in 2003 from a spin-off of Manutencoop Società Cooperativa, which is the sole shareholder of the company at the moment.
Today it is the main Italian provider of Integrated Facility Management services, i.e. the management and delivery of integrated services to private and public customers for properties, the territory as a whole and healthcare operations.
From plant operation to cleaning through the maintenance of green areas and property management to specialist services for hospital facilities, Rekeep provides a wide range of auxiliary services to the core business of big private groups, public bodies and healthcare facilities.

The services the Rekeep Group provides may be grouped into two main areas of activity:

  • Integrated Facility Management - logistics and organizational support services for users of properties aiming at optimizing the management of the work done in the building.
  • Specialty Services - Laundering & Sterilization (linen rental and industrial laundering, sterilization of linen and surgical instruments in support of medical care), technology-based services and solutions, document management, firefighting and video surveillance systems and work clothing rental and industrial laundering.

Propensity to innovation, proven organizational capacity and qualified personnel make Rekeep the ideal partner to entrust with the care of buildings and real estate assets.

The vision

Challenges change, values remain.

Global markets and technological innovation, process development and artificial intelligence: to stay in advance of change is the best way to tackle it. Every day Rekeep lives new patterns enthusiastically and passionately, always guided by its values of commitment, readiness to listen and respect.

  • Integration and technology. Rekeep is at the forefront in meeting the challenges of innovation and creating solutions in emerging markets, from the Smart City to digital solutions. Our services and resources are dedicated to developing ideas, processes and technologies whose goals are always sustainable and willingly accepted change.
  • Worldwide vocation. Rekeep sees beyond the borders of Italy, having many contracts and partnerships in new emerging markets and areas. This fundamentally important presence on the world stage is a precious opportunity to enhance its know-how and respond to increasingly cogent and diverse requirements from a global perspective.
  • Sustainability. In Rekeep all our thoughts and activities are directed at combining environmental sustainability, performance and social well-being. A precise commitment in which the Group is at the forefront in improving the cities of today and tomorrow with solutions that are always focused on sustaining renewable energy, regeneration and energy saving.
  • We care for you. Rekeep puts the individual at the centre, cherishes talent and the culture of work, solidarity and readiness to listen. A crystal-clear commitment to customers and stakeholders, communities and employees to create value with human-centric solutions.
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Documents and information regarding the leading Italian Integrated Facility Management group, downloadable and available for consultation. Our history, our vision, our markets and our solutions for people, buildings and cities.

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