Training & Careers

Training & Careers

Career paths: hosts of opportunities, only one goal

Among the persons Rekeep has recruited are many professionals working in various key business areas ranging from operations through strategic finance and sales, process design, engineering, HR, procurement, marketing, innovation, legal affairs, communication and business digital solutions to energy management.

To work in Rekeep means to become a part of a “world” that treasures diversity, rewards the capacity to innovate and sees that its “talents” grow. It means joining a great enterprise more than 96% of whose employees are on permanent contracts, attend training programs continually and can rely on a comprehensive company welfare system. Above all it means the chance to take part as a leader in building the services and cities of tomorrow.

“Rekeep is an excellent place to work in, as those who do work in it know. Excellent because it is complex, well-organized and comprehensive, all synonyms of stimuli, chances and opportunities and of the attention it increasingly pays to its people”

Simone Bartolozzi
Energy Management Specialist

Growth modalities

There are career paths in each professional area in which increasingly advanced competencies are acquired. Our staff build up their professionalism over time. Training and development instruments walk hand in hand with their professional growth path.

Training in numbers

> 500 courses delivered
in 5 thematic areas
> 6.800 employees
involved on average each year
60 mila training hours
delivered annually
> 1 €/mil.
invested per year

Know how to do, do, see that others know how to do

A group can only innovate if it augments its knowledge. This is why training in Rekeep is at the centre of all progress on the part of individuals and teams.
It is for this reason that we put a lot of resources into stimulating our people’s professionalism with special courses, workshops, seminars and business coaching: so we can go on innovating and be a step ahead in every sector.

  • Management training
  • Language training
  • IT training
  • Technical and professional training
  • Safety, Quality and Environmental Training

Our training partners

Job vacancies

You can apply for one or more job vacancies on our portal. You haven’t found any professional opportunities suitable for your profile? Send us in your spontaneous application and we’ll consider it for future vacant positions.

Send in your spontaneous application

You can send in your spontaneous application on our portal and it will be considered for future vacant positions.