Road maintenance and signs

Road maintenance & signs

Safety at first sight

Looking after the community also means designing functional cities that are cared for and liveable.

Among the many urban services Rekeep delivers is that of running the important road maintenance and signs sector, essential for an efficient, rationally planned traffic system.
A complete service to ensure that these infrastructures are functional over time and in all weather conditions. In fact, in addition to the routine and non-routine maintenance of pavements and of the electrical systems serving the road, the service includes the upkeep of rainwater drainage systems and the snow and ice service with gritters and snow removal in the most important areas of the city.

Rekeep’s offer is completed with traffic management support systems, which can also function integrating Big Data from mobile devices sent by travellers (Google data) and traffic detection systems (video cameras and sensors).

A path to sustainable mobility that will be an added value for city life. Rekeep is already prepared to make today’s city safer and tomorrow’s city ever more connected.