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Two new contracts in the healthcare support services sector in France

The new contracts are yet further confirmation of the Group’s strategy of international growth and development.

The Rekeep Group announces that it has been awarded two additional contracts in the healthcare support services sector in France, for a total value of more than Euro 9 million.

The first contract, which worth a total of more than Euro 6 million and with a term of 4 years, is with the Sainte-Périne Hospital in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, which belongs to AP-HP, Paris Public Assistance Hospitals, the biggest association of state hospitals in France with a total of 38 hospital facilities as members. The object of the contract is cleaning, bio-cleaning and internal logistics services (in particular being an internal collection of the hospital’s waste and linen) in a number of its buildings including a nursery and staff accommodation. This facility provides more than 5 general medical practice services (Gerontology, Geriatrics, Radiology, Rehabilitation, Multidisciplinary Consulting Centers, etc.) and has almost 600 beds, handling over 20,000 admissions to hospital every year.

The object of the second contract, on the other hand, are the cleaning services for the interior premises and windows of the Saint-Brieuc Hospital, in Brittany, which belongs to the Armor Territory Hospital Group (GHT). The contract, worth a total of more than Euro 3 million, a term of 4 years and covers three big sites, the facilities of Yves le Foll, Les Capucins and the Instituts de Formation en Soins Infirmiers in Saint-Brieuc, which provide more than 10 general medical practice services (Child Surgery, Prenatal Diagnosis, 2nd-Level Maternity, etc.) and can count on more than 1,200 beds available for 67,560 admissions to hospital and over 79,000 accident and emergency patients handled a year.

The new contracts are yet further confirmation of the Group’s strategy of international growth and development, especially in France, in an added value sector such as that of healthcare support services, which generates about 60% of Rekeep's consolidated turnover and about 70% of its foreign sales, with more than 500 facilities served in Italy, Poland, France and Turkey.

These contracts also heighten the level of Rekeep’s activities in France, where the Group, in the healthcare support services sector, was awarded a contract for cleaning services at the Institut Imagine in Paris in October last year and one for cleaning and bio-cleaning services at the Versailles Hospital Centre in September. The Rekeep Group’s business in France also extends to supporting transport services: it delivers soft facility management services to SNCF in the Montrouge region lines and at the main stations in Normandy and does the cleaning at the main Paris metro stations (intermodal hubs) for RATP.

Claudio Levorato, Chairman of the Rekeep Group, commented: “These new contracts are solid evidence of the validity of our growth and development strategy in the healthcare support services sector thanks to the know-how we have acquired in Italy and is a further indication of the efficacy of our Group’s business model.

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