Municipality of Valsamoggia

Municipality of Valsamoggia

A program for the refurbishment and energy upgrading of buildings that will become a model of national excellence for energy saving.

The Municipality of Valsamoggia has awarded Rekeep a new contract for the management and maintenance of public lighting and energy systems in city council buildings.
A big reduction in energy consumption is the objective that has been made attainable by the program of refurbishing and energy upgrading works for buildings of the Municipality of Valsamoggia, for an overall value of Euro 3.5 million.
This is the third project of the kind carried out by the Rekeep Group after those in Casalecchio di Reno and Alessandria. Thus Valsamoggia, a Municipality in the Metropolitan Area of Bologna, will become another model of national excellence for energy saving.


  • award of integrated thermal energy management service in city council buildings and public lighting
  • reduction of polluting emissions
  • enhanced energy saving
  • lower consumption


Refurbishing and energy upgrading of Valsamoggia City Council buildings, particularly schools and sports facilities

  • improving building insulation
  • installing high performance heat generators
  • installing PV plants
  • maintaining electrical systems

Upgrading and improving the efficiency of all the light sources in the area

  • fitting LED bulbs in over 5,980 light sources in replacement of the existing bulbs
  • modifying or replacing power supply panels
  • replacing about 5 km of electricity cables
  • adding about 50 lamp posts to the present number

Setting up a new system for reporting breakdowns or failures in assets under management


  • the Municipality of Valsamoggia becomes a model of national excellence for energy saving
  • the City Council cuts emissions into the atmosphere by 997 tons of CO2 a year, equivalent to 664 new trees or about 407 apartment-size boilers each year
  • the Municipality of Valsamoggia saves about Euro 4.75 million, i.e. over 17.35% of its annual historical cost for the two services
  • upgrading city council buildings and public lighting systems.


Based on the public-private partnership model, the contract has an overall value of about Euro 1.5 million a year.
With this contract, the Municipality has its buildings and public lighting systems upgraded totally at the expense of the private partner, which will be responsible for works costing about Euro 3.5 million, in addition to financial costs.
The investments in the properties are totally at the expense of Rekeep, which runs the systems for the following 15 years and recovers the amount it has invested thanks to the greater efficiency obtained as a result of its work.



997 tons of CO2 – the annual fall in the Municipality’s emissions into the atmosphere
Euro 4.75 million - the saving for the Municipality of Valsamoggia

Contract term

15 years

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