80° anniversario, Rekeep sostiene il FAI

Rekeep supports FAI

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The Rekeep Group celebrates its 80th anniversary supporting FAI

The Rekeep Group bears out its commitment to caring for the environment combining its forces with FAI in safeguarding and enhancing the Italian historical, artistic and landscape heritage.

Rekeep is the sponsor of the 2018 edition of Fai’s Autumn Days, the project which opens 600 inaccessible or little appreciated places and about 160 itineraries in 250 towns in all the regions of Italy to the public.

In the packed programme of events held to celebrate the Group’s first 80 years, Rekeep’s cooperation with FAI also includes the arrangement of four special evenings dedicated to the Group’s stakeholders, who will be received in exceptionally splendid locations, precious venues in major Italian cities, which will open their doors as a special occasion to host the events with the support of the local FAI Delegations.

Rekeep and FAI, the Italian Environment Fund

“We have been very keen indeed on this partnership with such a prestigious organisation as FAI, because we believe that caring for our country and making the most of its assets, in the sense of monuments and landscape and also buildings and the environment, are the most effective way for Italy to grow sensibly and improve all our citizens’ overall quality of life.

Claudio Levorato
Chairman of Manutencoop Società Cooperativa,
the holding company controlling Rekeep S.p.A.

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