Spontaneous application

Spontaneous application

How to apply and register

In order to enter our selection process, you have to register online on our dedicated portal and create your professional profile:

  • enter the system
  • click on “Create an account”
  • fill in the form and follow the instructions you are given.

In order to make your spontaneous application more effective, we advise you to put as much information in your profile as you can and keep it up to date.

“Our success story is the joint result of our operations “on site” and the work of over 600 people, including more than 250 graduates, engaged in services planning and governance. The union of hands and minds is our strength.”

Antonella Bianco
Head of Training & Developement

Spontaneous application
Spontaneous application
Send in your spontaneous application

Rekeep Career Portal

You can send in your spontaneous application on our portal and it will be considered for future vacant positions.

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